Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My new dance teacher!


Anonymous said...

This is a bit random but... please give Samantha Ronson a big hug next time you see her.
This fan is very sad for her over poor Cadillac. I actually wrote her a fanletter but I don't know where to send it. An actual fanletter about what her songs have meant to me and helped me, in an attempt to make her smile even if only for a few seconds.
This business is just so sad. Is Caddy safe, at least? Is she with Charlotte now?
And again I am so sorry. :(

Fairy said...

You're incredible. You can ask for Nicole Richie to follow the twitter of her Brazilian fans? It @nicolerbrasil Sorry to ask it here in your blog. But That's very important to me. I love Nicole a lot and I'm sure hundreds of Brazilians as well. And can you please tell her we're sending a super 'Happy Birthday' through our heart, which is a feeling so pure and true.