Saturday, October 31, 2009


I don't know why I was looking this up. but Susan the most boring of Brandon Walsh's girlfriend apparently thinks she is allowed to be sexy now. Listen I know that Beverly Hills 90210 is just a show to some but to me it represents much more. That being said, Susan Keats I have to admit I never cared about you, even when you revealed you had an abortion with your ex and thats harsh I know but truth!..

Come on be my baby tonight

If you know this and love it like I do we are best friends... I get this stuck in my head at least once a week..


I gave in to dressing up,actually I am forced to for Masha's bday. I'm going to make the best of it I decided the costume that suits me the most and requires very little is Wednesday Addams..

Stephen Wilshire

Stephen Wilshire is an Autistic artist who has draws New York from memory, after a 20 min helicopter ride. It's inspiring and beautiful , check out Stephen's work


Thank you Azria family for hosting a sweet and warm shabbat for me on my birthday. Agnes 12 years old sang an original song that brought tears to my eyes. I love my 2nd family. oxoxo

Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm not a fan of Halloween , but these sketches are pretty funny. I couldn't find the one where Regis and Kelly do the single ladies video, and Regis in that leotard was pretty great.

CONFESSION: Movies I haven't seen..

Please know I am as embarrassed of this as anyone. But somehow it has happened and it almost feels pointless now to catch up..


Allison Adler Top 10 reasons she is BFF Friday.
1.Her show Chuck is picked up for more episodes
2 She introduced me to the biggest blessing ever my therapist (who I am obsessed with and hugged me for my birthday),
3.I love her family and spending time with her kids and getting their great voicenotes
4.I'm always the big sister and she is now my big sister and I couldn't be happier. She is also my work mentor
5.She only calls me on her way to work and after work but it's still a treat
6.We met through our friend Nicole but TWITTER brought us together. Thank you TWITTER
7.She wrote on 90210 and that couldn't be more awesome
8.she likes everything clean and gets really cranky if not, which I find comical
9.Her new show is going to be so amazing and I feel lucky to be involved in her process.
10. Ali is one the sweetest, most loving people in my life , even in our short friendship her impact has been beyond words.
love you!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SOPHIA !!! I hate when my name is used in a sentence, it always feels like I am being reprimanded , but today is the exception. I am wishing myself a happy and healthy year filled with lots of love and happiness and most importantly gratitude.. I'm so blessed with amazing family and friends , I am one lucky girl.. 28 is such a blah birthday, everyone makes fun of me , but I can wait to be 30. In my head being 30 means you are a respected woman! Since birthdays feel like New Years Eve , filled with expectations ,my focus today will be on me,so I will be doing whatever I want today mostly nothing maybe yoga and a massage.. Thank you Mom and Dad for liking each other xoxoxo

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This confirms why I rarely wear heals, I never want to find myself rationalizing the trends in this video, unless I'm joining the circus.


This is pretty cool Mos def, Eminem ,and Black Thought Freestyling. Freestyling gives me idiot shivers when not done properly, it reminds me of being 13 and listening to Beverly Hills kids trying to rap. Sometimes Ben tries to torture me and freestyles in the car, this skill should only be left to the professionals.. Also how great is the word Cypher?

I was here that night in London being a brat and not wanting to be around the party hiding in a room with my best friends Charlotte, Samantha and Amanda, ,Kanye's freestyle is actually a song he did with Dwelle, it's still good but not a freestyle point Mos Def.

BFF Mindy Kaling

Mindy directed and stars in this hilarious video , I'm so proud of her and I love the song, I really hope she performs this live. Check out the group Subtle Sexuality website for tour dates.. Also, Bj might have a future in rapping .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Scott Vener has a great music blog, he music supervises Entourage and 90210. I met him years ago when I worked with the Roc, Biggs used to call him " you hear it 1st Vener". Scott is the 1st person to send you a link on instant messenger and especially if it has anything to do with hip-hop. Check out 50-cent Eminem song pyscho on there, it didn't make me want to dance, bad sign.

NO on handing holding while HIKING

Please help Katherine and Justin .. they are victims of "Couples who hold hands on Hikes".. this isn't me being bitter and single , it's being honest. No one wants to see two sweaty out of breath people holding hands on a hike even if they as cute as you two.That being said I still love you and you are still my favorite couple.


Good Morning Miss Bliss, in this episode "Stevie"

A rock star named Stevie comes to school. Zack pretends to be dying as part of a scheme to get the rockstar to kiss him so he can win a bet with Nikki. Stevie catches on to this as she gets to know Zack's style while staying with Miss Bliss..

turns out Stevie is Miss Bliss's niece Collen and not to ruin it but Zack gets to kiss her , a pop star!! .This episode always stuck with me as pretty much the coolest thing, so when Hannah Montana came out I knew I had seen this story line before and I did some research and Michael Poryes worked both on GMMB and Hannah, coincidence I think NOT..I don't remember the show being called Good Mornig Miss Bliss , but I do remember when the show changed cast, I hated when shows did that like Charles in Charles.. I love that my hours of TV watching paid off. What is your favorite Saved by the Bell episode?

This is a classic " I'm so scared"

Cruel Intentions 2

I'm not sure how I got here , but I found myself looking up Cruel Intentions 2. I was really surprised to see that it was actually meant to be a TV show spinoff called Manchester Prep and when it got canceled they put together the 3 episodes into a movie. The original Cruel Intentions is one of my favorites, it's telling of my age and taste and I carry no shame with that. I'm sure Cruel Intentions is a big reference for the Gossip Girl writers, oh and that soundtrack tear jerker ! Also, who knew Amy Adams was in the sequel, that casting director really knew how to pick em, Reese, Ryan , Amy...


I have known Masha for about 15 years and she hasn't changed a bit, in the most positive of ways. She is fiercely loyal, hilarious and one of the most kind people I know. Masha will disagree with me, claiming that she is your "typical bitch", but she has never shown me this side or anyone else for that matter. She is womanly ,elegant, and has the exact same TV/Music/Movie taste as me. one of my favorite thing is her relationship with her best friend. Masha and Nicole's friendship is one made of the most precious kind filled with history. I don't get the pleasure of seeing her often ,but when I do i feel comfort in knowing our connection. I love you Masha and am thankful to have you . NOW QUIT SMOKING!!

Masha I can also guarantee you will play till the final round of a pop culture/useless knowledge game of trivia. She is also black belt in 90210 trivia.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When asked who I would want at an imaginary dinner party I'm always stuck. But now when asked who I would want to play me in a movie version of my life ( this will never need to happen but fun to play) I have always said Christina Ricci in Addams Family...BUT now I have decided Olivia Thirlby . This is not to say I think I look like her, but I have a friend crush on her and would love to look like her. I assume just having the same color is enough for casting. I loved her in The Wackness and Juno, and now she is the only thing that entertains me on Bored to Death.. I feel so relieved to have made this decision. Soon I will confess my all time favorite movie, I'm just not ready to be judged yet..




Thanks to Jil I have been dancing around my room to Fader by the Temper Traps, imagining I am in the opening sequence of the movie version of my life (romantic comedy) , set on the streets of NYC... In my version I wear Supra high top sneakers not Louboutins.. ENJOY!!!!

Happy birthday LEVI

You are such a little man even at 5 you make me feel like you would protect me !. You are such a great kid and I will promise to play circuits with you anytime you want, and answer any question you need answered.. Thank you for teaching me about imaginary story time. Love you lots happy to have you added to my life this year...

halloWEEN costumes

Unless you can wear this and are this age, thats the only time costumes are cute.. Every year I wait till the last minute and stress about this dreadful day OCT 31st.. With all the post excitement of my birthday (OCt 30th), this day always just feels like a letdown. I hate the obvious costumes sexy -anything cop, firefighter etc, but even more I hate the judgement that comes on this day, including my own.. THis year I will have to suck it up for a friends birthday and I am having premature anxiety about it!.. Next year I will make sure to be out of town for this day, and wait to enjoy this again when I have kids...I mean it is a Holiday for kids right?

Rush Card

In theory this sounds great but I don't know who will really want a pink Baby Phat card..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Solar Eclipse

I thought Joyce was kidding me when she told me about this.. Pretty amazing..

I love JOJO


TODAY I had the pleasure of being on a call with one of the creators of my two favorite shows, MTV TRUE LIFE & THIS AMERICAN LIFE.. Banks Tarver is my new hero Left/Right productions does an excellent job of showcasing the drama and comedy of real life situations.. Who hasn't found themselves clued to a marathon of True Life episodes. Now if only I can find my own Ira Glass, I will be all set..
What's everyone's favorite episode of TRUE LIFE ?



I think I'm going to do this! 13.1 Los Angeles Jan 10th 2010, 13 miles. Keep in mind I am far from a runner, not even a good walker.. So let's wish me luck. I love a good goal.


Today I went so low and I must confess. I watched The Women, and worse I cried... SOmeone needs to hug me, I need to get it together.

It's Complicated

Nancy Meyers-Steve Martin-Meryl Streep = A great holiday movie for me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


TODAY is the birthday of someone who is very important to me Annabelle Dexter Jones. Annabelle brings out the big sister, nanny, and best of friendship in me. This is mostly because of how great she is, i have never meant anyone with such positive bubbly energy. She is magnetic and a joy to be around. I would say she is like a sister to me but she has so many of those so she is more like a 1st cousin that you are really close to. She is surprises me constantly with her communication abilities, she is wise beyond her years. Annabelle is going to be very successful one day, as she is already blessed with such a warm heart. I love you fellow Scorpio... Happy Birthday you are such an adult now!!!!!!!..

Also, she has this laugh that if she wasn't so awesome you would want to kill her :) ...... Let's just say it has a life of its own, sort of a roar!!!!....


I first discovered that I shared the same name with Sophia Rossi (X rated star), on my 1st day of working with The Hills.. One of the producers had googled me and discovered this, he was quite amused and insisted on posting her picture on the door to my office. Since then almost every editor that signs on the show loves to email me and tell me ,as if its the 1st time I have heard this. The most awkward one was when my father discovered this. You would think I would be upset, but its quite the opposite I am more intrigued about this woman that chose this name and has the the best IMDB titles (see below). I can never seem to enter my own IMDB page because it will never be as good as her. I ask every year to meet the woman who OWNS my name, from licensing to websites. So if anyone knows her please tell her the less famous/important would love to meet her...

Brea's Private Lies 2 (2008) (V)
Family Jewels (2008) (V)
Flesh Agenda (2008) (V)
Sophia Illustrated (2008) (V)
Jenna Loves Justin Again (2007) (V) .... Sophia
Rossi's Revenge (2007) (V)
Sophia Royale (2007) (V)
Sophia's Private Lies (2007) (V)
Jenna's Provocateur (2006) (V)
... aka Provocation (USA: alternative title)
Bachelor Party Vegas (2006) (V) .... Porn Star
... aka Vegas Baby (Australia: DVD title) (USA: working title)
Sophia Revealed (2006) (V)
Sophia Syndrome (2005) (V)



"Popular Demand" (POPEYE'S) Teaser from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Main Entry: ex·cla·ma·tion
Pronunciation: \ˌeks-klə-ˈmā-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : a sharp or sudden utterance
2 : vehement expression of protest or complaint

I am victim of using this too much. What can I say I'm emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nothing makes me happier than kids and hip hop dancing, so this combined has made my day. I have been into skanky leg for awhile, I just wish I had a kid to teach them this dance...

BALLET @ almost 30

I finally decided to take Ballet classes, a few years late I know.. Growing up I always loved dance but never loved committing to anything, so now I'm like the woman on Oprah that quit her job to join the circus . Or just follow my new passion., why does saying that sound so cheesey. Wish me luck. The instructor said that I had a great point, I have been gloating all day about it ...

Vampire Diaries

Just watched 6 episodes straight, I am hooked! I'm upset I didn't know about these books before..


13 year old Sophia

Vegan Desserts

Let me start off by saying that I am not Vegan though I secretly wish I was.That sort of commitment to food impresses me like nothing else. I on the other hand if I had my choice would live on a diet of cheese and carbs. This has to change and not to sound all GOOP ,but it's going to start with me cutting out dairy products. Baby steps for a healthy lifestyle, baby steps led me to Babycakes. Babycakes is a New York based bakery that specializes in vegan cupcakes and donuts. Never have I had such a desire to take up baking, the idea of eating a healthy version of red velvet cupcakes excites me. Who doesn't love desserts? the same people who say they don't watch TV, weird kind of people.. Vegan desserts works for me me because although I rarely eat meat because I am kosher , the times I do ,I without a doubt want something sweet after. Mixing meat and dairy is just a Kosher no-no.. SO these options are great for the cooks in my life my mom and Joyce. I also discovered vegan ice cream , which I will now be substituting for frozen yogurt. YES worse than me giving up cheese is me giving up Frozen YOGURT , the day has come... Stayed tuned while I become that person I once mocked, that discusses their health choices and posts pictures of their days baking adventures...

Next I have to battle my fish intake (4-5 times a week) , I'm convinced I have mercury poisoning. I think about this at least 5 times a day..

This place looks amazing.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I know Twilight is silly to people, but I have invested over 1500 pages in these books, and I will take any info I can get about my beloved characters. This trailer gave me the chills, I only wish I had a series like this when I was a tween.. TEAN EDWARD!!! I'm not a Jacob fan, he annoys me.. I can't wait to be imprinted one day...


I'm so proud of Nicole and Joel for their work with The Richie-Madden foundation, this week they helped Beyond Shelter raise money to build a children's playground in a Los Angeles neighborhood with one of the highest concentration of crime and poverty.The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation had raised $35 000 needed to build the playground though a pay-per-text fundraiser.The new playground will provide more than 1000 children in the community with a safe place to play every year. Next they will be starting a campaign called 4EveryBaby an online registry for mothers in need.. They are great examples of parents for me as well as humanitarians ..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nick Thune

Just caught this on Jay Leno tonight, Nick Thune's Daylight Spending Time. Best line "enough is enough, which is true it's the exact same line , enough is enough" .. sign his petition to not surrender to turning your clock back!. This time of year always upsets me, it reminds me of leaving school when its dark and feeling like the day is gone, we have 8 more days to change this...


When one of your best friends gets into a serious relationship, you hope for the best in their partner, and sometimes what you get is even better, an additional BFF . Justin Coit and Katherine have been dating for over 3 years, and I couldn't ask for a better addition to the family, Besides being a talented photographer and director, he is the most genuine, loving and supportive friend. This week was big for Justin, he shot the Richie-Madden family for their People Magazine cover and continues to do a fantastic job on the editorial shoots of . Check out his site

Reasons I know I love Justin

When I tell Katherine a secret or a personal story, I feel totally at ease knowing that Justin will most likely know as well. That you can't say about most of your BFF's significant others..

Justin takes care of my kiddo katherine with such love that I never worry about her.

When I make plans with Katherine for dinner and Justin comes , I have never once even been annoyed, more like I get annoyed when he isn't there!!!!

AND the last reason!! I can only hope to find someone as special as Justin, and he has set the bar very high... I love you BFF ,


Caprice Crane is one of the many reasons why I love Twitter. The day I discovered her page I knew we would be friends, well actually my friend Carlos discovered her but I liked her right away. So now that we are real life friends,let me tell you all the reasons to purchase her new book Family Affair ... Caprice is a Scorpio, she is a writer on Melrose Place, and the most important she is nicest stranger I have ever met , oh and she is pretty! .. Thank you Twitter.. Following her on twitter , will be one of the best decisions you make today, trust me..

FUN FACT: her mom is Ginger from Gilligan's Island, they are the originators of Coconut water ..

Katie Couric flirting with Lil wayne

please watch when they hold hands bowling... Im jealous of Ms. katy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Samantha Ronson SONG OF THE DAY SONG OF THE DAY Some people just have great taste in music, I on the other hand couldn't have a more embarrassing ipod, but the things I do have that are cool are from Samantha. She is the music supervisor of my life. Check out her website and harass her to post more often, I am in need of more music.

Everything's FIne

I went to see Everything's FIne with Ben last night ,since he is the movie critic, I will wait and let him share his thoughts. But I personally, haven't cried this hard since La Vie En Rose. I really personalized this movie, as I am getting older and viewing my parents in a different light. Robert De Niro is spectacular as is Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymoore. I was so emotional after the movie I didn't even want to go to dinner and I now am formally apologizing to Ben for being so cranky.

Lil Wayne

Lil wayne is being channeled by something, he is not even close to being present. I don't know how he even remembers his own songs to perform them, I'm convinced he is just always freestyling . I LOVE HIM... I can't wait to see this movie, after just today I came to the realization that he is my 4th favorite rapper. I had been underestimating the fact that a Lil Wayne verse makes any song better if not epic.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kanye West/ Spike Jonze " We Were Once A Fairytale"

This video is what I feel like the inside of Kanye's heart feels like... This was hard to watch, very emotional. Congrats to Spike Jonze for directing Kanye for his most vulnerable moments. This video reminded me that I don't get the opportunity to see enough short films, or even work on any, I would love to produce a short, that's going to be added to my Goal list..

I♥Penelope SNL

Couples Retreat

Last night I made a huge mistake, I went to see Couples Retreat. I can't say that I didn't expect disappointment, because I had been warned by many. Sometimes I guess I'm a gluten for punishment. I usually can see the best in most movies, since I just love going to the movies, this was not the case. As a warning never judge my film reviews, even though I try to see everything out, I am a sucker for bad romantic comedies and anything the tweens are watching., so I was shocked when even I didn't enjoy Couples.

My guilty pleasures

Monday, October 19, 2009


In my old job at Rocafella I got to work with a lot of artists, my favorite was Cam'ron and Peedi Crack. Cam'ron and I would argue because he insisted that he invented that he invented the color pink, and that he was the 1st rapper to have 3 distrubution deals at 3 different labels. There is no need to explain who is right in this argument, clearly I am and he is insane. But that being said traveling with him was always my favorite he always made me laugh and managed to embarass me at all times. I miss him and my Dipset days ..

thank you Eric and Jeff Rosenthal from

Video Postcard to Sophia from Eric on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Neal

Today in honor of Neal Brennan's birthday and ONLY TODAY will I praise him . Neal is a great man not just because because he Co-created the Chapelle show , but because he is one of sweetest most loving men in my life. i don't like Neal to know how talented and special I think he is because I don't want it to got to his head but today he should be allowed some compliments. I always wanted an older brother and Neal has fit that description perfectly.Now after today I will go back to my neurotic Jewish mothering/nagging and forget this post entirely .

This is his birthday cake picture, which was a big hit at the birthday party, i was against using this image. I wanted something sweet like a picture of him as a child, he won this battle.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Marisa

Marisa and I have been friends for 15 years she is an amazing artist and I am lucky to have my walls filled with her work. She is also a dedicated school teacher and new mother to a beautiful Lily. Spending time with Marisa and listening to her tell stories about the kids and parents of her school always makes me laugh and have anxiety for parenthood.. My favorite is how she says that most of her kindergarten class has some sort of allergy peanut, gluten, wheat, its really interesting that I don't remember growing up aware of these allergies. Being a teacher takes a special person with patience and love to give, and Marisa is perfectly suited for that. I wish Marisa and her new family a blessed day and year . xoxo

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kenna is an amazing artist and I'm not just saying this because we share the same birthday . Check out this clip of him on his 1st trip to Mount Kilimanjaro he was unable to finish this almost 7 day hike because he got sick. Now with the help of Summit on the Summit
he is going to go again to raise awareness of the clean water crisis. Donating even 1 dollar provides 100 liters of clean, safe drinking water for 50 days of living healthy. After going on the website I was shocked to hear that every 15 seconds a child dies from a waterborne disease.

Gallery 1988

My good friend Jensen owns this Gallery and if you are in LA next week weeks these two events should be fun..

The Jerk

I love this movie but I love this quote even more, I often feel that way with people I love instantly...

(speaking to Marie in bed while she sleeps) "I know we've only known each other four weeks and three days, but to me it seems like nine weeks and five days. The first day seemed like a week and the second day seemed like five days. And the third day seemed like a week again and the fourth day seemed like eight days. And the fifth day you went to see your mother and that seemed just like a day, and then you came back and later on the sixth day, in the evening, when we saw each other, that started seeming like two days, so in the evening it seemed like two days spilling over into the next day and that started seeming like four days, so at the end of the sixth day on into the seventh day, it seemed like a total of five days. And the sixth day seemed like a week and a half. I have it written down, but I can show it to you tomorrow if you want to see it."
- Navin R. Johnson, The Jerk

Friday, October 16, 2009

GilliaN LAUB Visiting day at camp

Today I was speaking with Gillian about how great her lecture was last night, we discussed how I am currently in camp mode. It's my buzzword, I can't get enough info about people's experiences at camp. Camp reminds me of a happy safe place filled with awkwardness. Here a great piece in NY magazine about Visiting day at Summer camp .. Please send me your camp stories ..

BFF Friday Style addition

So BFF style addition is all owed to these two people in my life , Katherine and Joyce. Whowhatwear they guide me in so many ways. I wear at least one item of BCBGeneration a day or some of the other BFF's i have discussed below. having stylist friends is perfect for the tomboy like me

These Samantha Ronson Supra sneakers are my favorite, I love all of Supra's high tops great colors and perfect for winter with jeans, also the tongue of the sneaker fits perfectly with skinny jeans. Also my friend Ashley works there and I heart him.

Little sister Lauren Conrad I have watched grown into such little fashionista over the last 5 years, I WANT every piece of her line for Kohls. . Also, she has had to teach me more than 10 times to curl her hair like her, she is a pro..

BFF Friday Style addition

Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 is so perfect for me , I can wear the simplest of outfits and add just one of her pieces and feel extra special. I can't wait for her clothing line Winter Kate..Nicole has such great style and I trust her because she always puts comfort first which is crucial for me..

Little Rooms is another great jewelery collection,Ester who is like a little sister to me is so creative and cool, it always shocks me ..

Everyone knows how great LNA tshirts are, but now I am obsessed with their cardigans and hoodies. I have known April for many years and am so proud of her!.

Simone by katie is for the stylish, great lookbook by Justin Coit.. Her sense of humor matches her great collection..

BFF Friday Style addition

Charlotte Ronson from her shoes, to her dresses that make me feel fun and flirty (which is not me), I am proud to go every season to her fashion shows and see her expand into such a mini mogul fashion designer. I also am a huge fan of her JC penny line I heart Ronson..

Chrissie Miller started her line Sophomore with just some graphic tees and now she has a full collection, her dresses, t-shirts all make me feel happy. SHe also has the best colors ever season, and creative campaigns.

For all your vintage needs Filth Mart is the place to go, they have the best t-shirts and denim, and their owners have the cutest baby !..

Former roomate and BFF Hilary Rosenman started a show company with her partner Barri , Madison Harding, a few years ago and I have watched her grow into such a grown women, these shoes are affordable and very very cute, I'm a huge fan of her sandals and boots.