Saturday, October 24, 2009

BALLET @ almost 30

I finally decided to take Ballet classes, a few years late I know.. Growing up I always loved dance but never loved committing to anything, so now I'm like the woman on Oprah that quit her job to join the circus . Or just follow my new passion., why does saying that sound so cheesey. Wish me luck. The instructor said that I had a great point, I have been gloating all day about it ...


joy. said...

when you look back at all the little girls (myself included) who took ballet classes as little girls..... over 90% of us leave our tutu's behind before we hit our teens.

nothing wrong with re-capturing your inner pink-slippers.

as another almost-30, i'm doing the same things except..... piano lessons.

weeeeeeeee!!!!!! <-- homage to your exclamation point post

IamDewi said...

well, we got a few in common girl! I took Flamenco classes and I m quite frustrated I couldn't dance as J-LO rightaway grrrr. Let's post our vids on youtube hahahahaha.