Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When asked who I would want at an imaginary dinner party I'm always stuck. But now when asked who I would want to play me in a movie version of my life ( this will never need to happen but fun to play) I have always said Christina Ricci in Addams Family...BUT now I have decided Olivia Thirlby . This is not to say I think I look like her, but I have a friend crush on her and would love to look like her. I assume just having the same color is enough for casting. I loved her in The Wackness and Juno, and now she is the only thing that entertains me on Bored to Death.. I feel so relieved to have made this decision. Soon I will confess my all time favorite movie, I'm just not ready to be judged yet..

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Anonymous said...

actually you look a lot like her:)