Friday, October 23, 2009


I'm so proud of Nicole and Joel for their work with The Richie-Madden foundation, this week they helped Beyond Shelter raise money to build a children's playground in a Los Angeles neighborhood with one of the highest concentration of crime and poverty.The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation had raised $35 000 needed to build the playground though a pay-per-text fundraiser.The new playground will provide more than 1000 children in the community with a safe place to play every year. Next they will be starting a campaign called 4EveryBaby an online registry for mothers in need.. They are great examples of parents for me as well as humanitarians ..

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Janine said...

Now when I say, it is great when celebrities help others and use their celebrity to bring attention to causes I really do mean it. Nicole and Joel are a bit different though. As we all know nicole Richie is a hot young thing in hollywood and Joel Madden is part of a popular rock group. They both have a vast following of young people with their ears and eyes wide open to their every move. As we know, young people are the future and when people that have a huge following of young people can lead by selfless example, it makes the young generation wanna follow in their foot steps.
"WOW, Helping People=Coolness"