Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have known Masha for about 15 years and she hasn't changed a bit, in the most positive of ways. She is fiercely loyal, hilarious and one of the most kind people I know. Masha will disagree with me, claiming that she is your "typical bitch", but she has never shown me this side or anyone else for that matter. She is womanly ,elegant, and has the exact same TV/Music/Movie taste as me. one of my favorite thing is her relationship with her best friend. Masha and Nicole's friendship is one made of the most precious kind filled with history. I don't get the pleasure of seeing her often ,but when I do i feel comfort in knowing our connection. I love you Masha and am thankful to have you . NOW QUIT SMOKING!!

Masha I can also guarantee you will play till the final round of a pop culture/useless knowledge game of trivia. She is also black belt in 90210 trivia.

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