Tuesday, October 27, 2009

halloWEEN costumes

Unless you can wear this and are this age, thats the only time costumes are cute.. Every year I wait till the last minute and stress about this dreadful day OCT 31st.. With all the post excitement of my birthday (OCt 30th), this day always just feels like a letdown. I hate the obvious costumes sexy -anything cop, firefighter etc, but even more I hate the judgement that comes on this day, including my own.. THis year I will have to suck it up for a friends birthday and I am having premature anxiety about it!.. Next year I will make sure to be out of town for this day, and wait to enjoy this again when I have kids...I mean it is a Holiday for kids right?

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Twist Squeeze Push said...

un uh, big big kids too. Let your imagination run wild, you may wish you did when you become an old woman. Look at me I love it.