Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sept 29th 1opm  MTV The Hills & The City premiers. The Hills means a lot to me, I was 23 when I started the pilot and 4 years later (many long club nights and plenty of breakfast recaps) I still feel lucky to be apart of it. From the production to the talent i have such close friendships, we are a little family. If the Hills is my baby then The City is my granddaughter, the granddaughter you have more patience for. Both shows have had lots of changes, from cast members to style and format. I've learned so much on these shows , I now totally speak the language of "DRAMA" ..  

Drea De Mateo

I gave up on Desperate Housewives 2 seasons ago. But now that Drea is on it , I'm so excited!!!!!! Drea is pretty much one of the coolest people i know, she is defines loyalty!. Also. she has the cutest baby ever that has dolls named WARHOL, I mean.......


My buzzwords are anything spiritual, religious, and especially astrology. I wait till the end of the month just so I can read Susan Miller's horoscope. I don't need to preach about her , she speaks for herself. She is the mother of BFF's Chrissie and Diana Miller, and for years I have loved getting all the inside info. I've learned about rising signs, and mercury retrograde. We are currently in mercury retrograde so for anyone who feels a little off now, Susan Miller can explain it. Last year she did my chart on a projector at the Apple Store at The Grove to told a room full of 50 people , I have never been so embarrassed, but it was worth it.. 

Taylor Swift

I love all pop songs and my excuse isn't just because I produce The Hills, I really love it. But I wasn't really aware of Taylor Swift , i couldn't even really give you a visual on her. UNTIL I heard an 11 year old sing along to "You belong to me". This is one of those songs that would be a summer camp classic at the talent show.. 

Friday, September 25, 2009


BFF Friday's 1st post wouldn't be official without mentioning my oldest BFF . Joyce Azria.

here are a few fun BFF facts 

# Years BFF - 23

Occupation- being awesome/Creative Director BCBGeneration

Why she is my BFF? unconditional love & support .. oh & she is pretty fashionable
Favorite BFF activity - sleepovers/all things JEwish. Laughing with her sister BFF Marine 

Fun Facts about Joyce- She speaks Spanish , French fluently, has cool-dismorphia , is really a 40 year old Tunisian woman

Your oldest friend isn't always your best friend, but in this case she is more than a BFF , she is my family. I'm so blessed to have her in my life and not just for the cute clothes she makes me.BFF Friday's are are going to be dedicated to the amazing people in my life that do awesome things.  Send me info on your BFF ... 

Frozen Yogurt

I have no shame in admitting that I am that person on the frozen yogurt bandwagon, I would like to think I'm at the forefront of this though. As a teenager it was Penguins, Big Chill, then PINKBERRY came along.. I was so addicted, i would try to convince Hills crew meals to be substituted with pinkberry , sometimes i was granted that wish. THen what always happens happened i overdid it. I cant even look at a Pinkberry store front without feeling sick. I broke up with Pinkberry to find Yogurtland , I was sure this would last forever. NOW, i have to monitor my visits in fear of losing another loved one.  Now i feel helpless all my yogurt ex's became too famous and crowded for me.  I need new options for yogurt ,with all these fad cookie diets around, why can't there just be a frozen yogurt diet. I'm considering buying a machine to make at home, have i gone too far?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I felt frustrated , I was in need of new music, as much as I love the new Jayz album i just can't hear it anymore (sorry best song Thank You) . I never have to fear about being up on the newest pop or hip hop song thats my speciality, but for all other genres I'm clueless. Thankfully part of the BFF club Diana Miller created a great site, www.ilistentoeverything.com . It doesn't make me feel insecure about my lack of music coolness, it's just perfect. Now , i have a section on my ipod that is titled "guilty pleasures" this includes all 90's-present r&b (SWV, TOTAL) you won't find that here but I guess you can't have it all.. 

BFF Mindy Kaling

Tonight's big TV night wouldn't be complete without Mindy. I had a friend crush on Mindy this is a very common type of crush, but is not talked about. We had mutual friends and were set up on a friend date, the results BFF.. I'm stating the obvious about how funny and talented she is, but she is also one of the most caring people in my life. This Cancer/Scorpio friendship enjoys discussing dieting and boys, Mindy would be my partner in all games if we were at camp. Watch her on The Office tonight.. 

Tonight is a big night for Bff's, its the return of Grey's Anatomy. One of my oldest friends Masha (we have matching TV taste) convinced a group of us to watch the 1st few episodes, this ended poorly, we didn't leave the house and i cried more than i have ever in therapy. i was hooked!. However, i have a major issue with Denny & Izzy, well, i HATE THEM (they dated a few episodes no need for him to be back delusions or not)! So tonight I'm hoping I'm not holding on to the past of a good show and ready to be emotionally destroyed . This is a great show to watch with your Bff's , you can always mass email or video chat your opinions after , or maybe just us nerds to do this . 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Being that today is inspired by Sweet Valley High, I'm  taking a minute to honor my twin BFF's Charlotte & Samantha Ronson. Charlotte has an great clothing line www.charlotteronson.com so i never have to worry about getting clothes, since i cant dress myself, & Samantha is the music supervisor to my life www.samamtharonson.com. Being friends with such talented twins sounds awesome and it is but it can be tricky, but the cardinal rule is that you can never choose sides, twins love to hate then love each other again. I'm pretty lucky to have these two in my life for last 8 years, we have so many friendship bracelets its almost embarrassing. The most random of bffness is our ROC chain, this always makes me laugh , imagining that this will one day come to NO use whatsoever, but the amazing memories. . So when you are little and wish you are twin, do what i did just get twin BFF's..

Summer Camp

I describe most of my close friendships as "camp friends". Camp friends are the closest you will have to family members. Forced to live together in small spaces, work together (cleanup time), and share your every teenage/tween thought with. Away from your parents you get to experience  gossip, watersports, talent shows and of course love . Anyone who has been to camp has experienced " Camp eyes" , this is when one is forced on a deserted island you find yourself in heart or like with almost anyone. 1st day of camp you are picky, after 1st week, any boy is free range for crushes.. I still am a victim of camp eyes in my adult life. This summer I went back to camp to film a pilot about summer camp counselors and their exciting lives. I used to wish my counselor Marisa was my sister or even mom, she would tell me her dating stories and her problems with her friends. She taught me so much about being manipulative combined with awesome. My goal now is to apply my camp life schedule to daily life, why not trapeze or do arts & crafts whenever i choose to. I love camp stories and have found almost everyone has either gone to camp or knows people who have, if not you are just WEIRD!..

my 1st blog

Hearing the news that Diablo Cody is going to work on adapting Sweet Valley High, made me decide to commit to starting the series over today. growing up these books were all that mattered to me.. i always wanted to be a twin and in the Unicorn club..  Don't get me wrong I was seriously invested in Babysitters Club series, but SVH touched my heart. I broke up with SVH when i discovered Beverly Hills 90210, however my heart belongs to the twins.. I didn't emotionally connect to the SVH attempt of a tv series (though i did watch), i have confidence that Diablo will do well. Now I just need to figure out how to be apart of it and how to get all the books , including those special edition mystery editions.