Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Being that today is inspired by Sweet Valley High, I'm  taking a minute to honor my twin BFF's Charlotte & Samantha Ronson. Charlotte has an great clothing line so i never have to worry about getting clothes, since i cant dress myself, & Samantha is the music supervisor to my life Being friends with such talented twins sounds awesome and it is but it can be tricky, but the cardinal rule is that you can never choose sides, twins love to hate then love each other again. I'm pretty lucky to have these two in my life for last 8 years, we have so many friendship bracelets its almost embarrassing. The most random of bffness is our ROC chain, this always makes me laugh , imagining that this will one day come to NO use whatsoever, but the amazing memories. . So when you are little and wish you are twin, do what i did just get twin BFF's..


Manuela said...

I think your blog is nice and show that you're a very good friend! Regards from Bogotá Colombia. I love the twins Ronson too! ;)

mbrodie75 said...

This is even better than your twitter page!! Good thinking :-) I hope you keep this up, as your life is very entertaining!

I orginally only stumbled across you from following Lauren Conrad from the Hills. Now YOU are the person i tell everyone to follow.

Not sure if it is the fact that we love all things LA or if it is soo great to hear from another 27 year old who is kinda obssessed with t.v shows and all things fun (what others may call silly..hmmm)haha. makes us feel justified. Your comment about not deleting stuff off your dvr - golden!!!!!!!

My friends and i have founded the CKC (cool kids club)for t.v, icecream & pizza nights. We have named you our honourary leader ;)
Hope you don't mind...

Your followers,
South Australia

Allie said...

I always wanted to be a twin too. Getting twin BFFs is the way to go to fulfill this.
When I was a kid, I had my twin BFFs- Arie & Nina Goldberg. They were always so coordinated. Not completely matching, just coordinated- a headband would be the same pattern as the other's belt.
They were the best on the swimteam. They had the nicest house on the block. When they had their B'not Mitzvah, they had it at the Sheraton Premiere in the fanciest ballroom. And to a 13 year old, that's pretty amazing. I still remember it to be a better party than most wedding receptions I've attended. I loved my twin BFFs, until I tried to buy them a Best Friend heart necklace and couldnt choose which twin to give it to. Then they had to sit me down and tell me that they were eachother's best friends. I cried.
Anyway, here's to you Arie & Nina, my favorite twin BFF's...I still sleep in their B'not Mitzvah t-shirt: "Under the Sea with Nina & Arie". Nina was born first.