Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sept 29th 1opm  MTV The Hills & The City premiers. The Hills means a lot to me, I was 23 when I started the pilot and 4 years later (many long club nights and plenty of breakfast recaps) I still feel lucky to be apart of it. From the production to the talent i have such close friendships, we are a little family. If the Hills is my baby then The City is my granddaughter, the granddaughter you have more patience for. Both shows have had lots of changes, from cast members to style and format. I've learned so much on these shows , I now totally speak the language of "DRAMA" ..  


MARISA said...

as sad as i was that lauren was leaving..i'm pretty excited for tonight!

the previews were amazing. good work~!

littlemissvixen said...

The City and The Hills fans owe you so much!
Thank you for these amazing shows. You really can be proud of it!

Oh btw, are you in Paris for fashion week? And then what about Morocco? To what city are you going? Pleaaaase answer! I know I'm curious but I reallly wanna know!

elisabet said...

They are both such good shows! I have watched it since day one:) You all have done a good job! It was a good choice to have Kristen come back, she knows how to create drama, that's for sure:P