Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tonight is a big night for Bff's, its the return of Grey's Anatomy. One of my oldest friends Masha (we have matching TV taste) convinced a group of us to watch the 1st few episodes, this ended poorly, we didn't leave the house and i cried more than i have ever in therapy. i was hooked!. However, i have a major issue with Denny & Izzy, well, i HATE THEM (they dated a few episodes no need for him to be back delusions or not)! So tonight I'm hoping I'm not holding on to the past of a good show and ready to be emotionally destroyed . This is a great show to watch with your Bff's , you can always mass email or video chat your opinions after , or maybe just us nerds to do this . 


mbrodie75 said...

Our FAVOURITE show!!! (along with GG). Except how can you hate Izzy?? Denny - yeah can be annoying, Izzy never!

elisabet said...

I think I need to start watching Grey's again, and I love Izzie and Denny:) at least in season 2. Have u seen the vampire diaries? what do you think?
I really liking it!