Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer Camp

I describe most of my close friendships as "camp friends". Camp friends are the closest you will have to family members. Forced to live together in small spaces, work together (cleanup time), and share your every teenage/tween thought with. Away from your parents you get to experience  gossip, watersports, talent shows and of course love . Anyone who has been to camp has experienced " Camp eyes" , this is when one is forced on a deserted island you find yourself in heart or like with almost anyone. 1st day of camp you are picky, after 1st week, any boy is free range for crushes.. I still am a victim of camp eyes in my adult life. This summer I went back to camp to film a pilot about summer camp counselors and their exciting lives. I used to wish my counselor Marisa was my sister or even mom, she would tell me her dating stories and her problems with her friends. She taught me so much about being manipulative combined with awesome. My goal now is to apply my camp life schedule to daily life, why not trapeze or do arts & crafts whenever i choose to. I love camp stories and have found almost everyone has either gone to camp or knows people who have, if not you are just WEIRD!..


rolsen said...

I guess I'm weird..never been to camp, but sounds like alot of fun. Didn't do things like this when I was younger..wish I could of have. Now that I am a mother of an active 2yr boy..I can't wait to do things like these for him! :)

Vintage said...

As a 26 yr. old who has traveled the world and connected with some amazing, amazing people over the years, i still look back at my experiences in summer camp with such an exuberance and longing for innocence. To this day, those are still some of the most special connections I've ever made.

I think back to a conversation I had with my cousin a few years ago when we spent hours reminiscing about our childhood camp experiences. When she was 8 or 9 years old she spent the summer with my family because her mother was addicted to drugs and her father was not in her life. I asked her how she was able to remember some of the most detailed, and seemingly insignificant moments and she simply said, "when you've had such horrible experiences, you tend to fade out the bad memories and cling onto the good. No matter how small those good moments may seem, never forget how big they can be for some people".


Those relationships we build with our counselors.... with our second families.... are relationships that last a lifetime in our minds.

Zuajeiliy said...

very well written...speaks a lot about you and the relationships you keep and the friends you surround youreself with! i so agree with camp eyes :) keep blogging please!

karen said...

I love that can even say "camp friends" because I still have them. Camp comprised over 15 summers of my life and my most profound experiences were there: best friends, french kiss, first booze, first husband...Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting" can still bring a tear to my eye...