Friday, September 25, 2009


BFF Friday's 1st post wouldn't be official without mentioning my oldest BFF . Joyce Azria.

here are a few fun BFF facts 

# Years BFF - 23

Occupation- being awesome/Creative Director BCBGeneration

Why she is my BFF? unconditional love & support .. oh & she is pretty fashionable
Favorite BFF activity - sleepovers/all things JEwish. Laughing with her sister BFF Marine 

Fun Facts about Joyce- She speaks Spanish , French fluently, has cool-dismorphia , is really a 40 year old Tunisian woman

Your oldest friend isn't always your best friend, but in this case she is more than a BFF , she is my family. I'm so blessed to have her in my life and not just for the cute clothes she makes me.BFF Friday's are are going to be dedicated to the amazing people in my life that do awesome things.  Send me info on your BFF ... 


Allie said...

BFF: Sarah Madden. Been BFFs for 10 years.
We met peddling our lipsticks and salves at Nordstrom. I worked for Stila, Sarah for Philosophy. We worked behind the same counter, just us and this super crazy lady, Vivian. We bonded over our distaste for her. You really don't realize how tight you can be with someone, until you have made fun of someone else together. Its a bonding experience.
I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years, and she told me to come live with her. She has been nothing short of a sister to me. Supportive beyond words. She is dry and sarcastic, just how I like em. Her cupcakes are delicious. And she made this adorable little baby from scratch. Her powers never cease to amaze me.
if anyone messed with my BFF, or hurt my BFF, I would probably rip their hair right out of their head.

mbrodie75 said...

Difference between BF and F?? Currently on a cruise ship and my friend has an issue with the fact that i want to watch 'Sex and the city' movie on the big screen rather than go to the 70's party on deck.

My BF wouldn't even need to ask.. instead would have come running up to me to tell me that she knows where i will be tonight before i had a chance to say anything!!

Difference?? A BF knows you inside out... faults and all, and loves you even more because of them ;)

littlemissvixen said...

Hi Sophia, I just read on twitter that you are "about to pack for Morocco"?? What are you going there for? In which city are you going?
Haha I'm asking cause I have some family living there!
Hope you'll answer!


Mindy said...

Amazing photo.