Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From Neti pot to Tongue Scrapper

Has anyone used a tongue scrapper? does it hurt?. Is it like the Neti pot , that I just recently discovered . Using the Neti pot feels as though I have been born again. I never realized I had allergies since I enjoyed sneezing so much.I love an Dr Oz type advice.. Don't judge..


Natalie said...

These are both amazing inventions. Use them both regularly. And no, the tongue scrapper doesn't hurt at all. Feels quite nice actually!

wool and misc said...

tongue scraper is the jam. you must try! my mouth feels like a trashcan if i forget to use it one day. the best kind are the indian ones...they're just a flexi strip of plastic with cute patterns on them. i've been trying to track down foreves!