Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alcohol in a Pill

Huffington Post has a interesting article about a pill that gets you drunk. I would be into this. check out the article here.. . I wonder if you get a hangover from these. I love the future..


Mika the Roofer said...

There are oddles of pills already out there that give you the same cognitive impairments as alcohol . We call those drugs . Alcohol is also a drug , and an addictive one at that .
I have to think that any booze substitute would have the same addiction potential and I'd hate to see someone such as yourself be sucked into anything destructive.

mbrodie75 said...

WOW... the Jetsons life is finally coming to us!! I've dreamed about this since i was 7.
I think this could be a good idea, but there are some situations where you need the drink. When you are at party/ show and you don't know many people, drinking makes you look busy! And i'm not sure that celebrating with 'let's pop a pill' has the same effect as lets pop the champagne :). There are many situations where it would be handy though - wonder how they are going to market it... maybe 'A pill of confidence' hmmm haha.

ELVIA said...

wow interesting read+find! i can already see the advantages (you know how much you consumed; its a simple pill) to disadvantages (misuse of the alcohol pill by pedophiles/sexual-predators, etc).