Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pretty Little Liars

The 13 year old in me is so into this book series Pretty Little Liars, I have read all 3 out of the 4 in 2days. I'm waiting on finishing the last one,I get sad when series are over. So excited this is going to be a TV show. My favorite is Aria . It's like Babysitters Club, ,meets Nancy Drew meets awesome!!!..


merc. said...

obsessed. I finished the 6th one like, 2 months ago and have been waiting anxiously for the 7th more month!
& I'm super excited for the series!

Marisa said...

I'm a 23 year old grad student and love, love, love reading these teen books hah. The last two post you had about these kinds of books have given me ideas for the next series to check out!