Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The New York Times did a profile piece on Director/Writer Producer Nancy Meyers, she is my idol. I don't need to say much her movies speak for her Father of the Bride, Baby Boom and now It's Complicated. Nancy Meyers makes me not afraid to age, but the opposite so excited.. Also her sets are some of the best I have ever this.. NYT

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Nanogriffin said...

I worked as a stand-in and extra for about 10 years, mostly for the adventure of it. For years prior to that I had enjoyed certain comedies such as Irreconcilable Differences, loving that I could go to a movie and thoroughly relate and find humor in situations that I had lived and were sometimes painful to go through. I rarely paid attention to directors and writers names. Well, I was asked to show up on the set for a Nancy Myers project. What is a Nancy Myerts project? Doing my research I realized that she was the person who had made all my favorite comedies happen. This partitular project starred Jack Nicolson and Diane Keaton. I rarely got upset because I wasn't picked for something, but it is who you know in that industry. The other girl knew the AD and that was that. I missed out on being Diane Keatons stand-in and watching Nancy Myers in action... I thoroughly enjoyed Somethings Gotta Give. Darn, I came so close!