Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just the Ten of Us

I never knew this was a spin-off of Growing Pains.Season 3 episode How The West Was Won a 2 part episode with the !st episode was the pilot for Just the Ten of Us..

Coach Lubbock's contract is up at the end of the semester, and Mike decides to help him out by organizing a strike to keep him at Dewey High School.



veronica said...

This was my favorite show growing up!Plus Brooke Theiss played Leslie Sumner on 90210!!

mbrodie75 said...

We never got this! Wondering if you can help me out?? A friend and I are coming over in July and feel the need to go to Comic Con after all the talk on 'The Big Bang Theory' :). Do we stay for 4 days or is 1 day enough? What are the best things to see, is it even worth going?? Could you please do a blog on what you think of Comic Con!!!!!

Candice Weeks said...

I loved that show!!!! I have been trying to find it on DVD for the longest!!!